Remote Access

Using the online system, users are able to view the latest data from their measurement sensors using a smartphone or computer.

Threshold alerting

Having an employee monitor your data 24/7 isn’t practical. For this reason, we offer automated threshold alerting. If the measurements from your sensors exceed the preset thresholds, we will contact you automatically.

Easy to install

By making use of high-quality wireless sensors, we can provide a solution with minimal installation requirements. There is no need to pull wires to the different measurement locations. This is ideal when retrofitting existing facilities.  

Solution Overview

PQ-Link was developed to provide users with a simple, affordable and reliable platform for digital temperature and humidity monitoring. Our system allows users to view their real-time monitoring data from their phone, tablet or computer 

The system is easy to install and maintain. Monitoring is done with wireless sensors; these sensors include batteries and allows customers to modify their own monitoring system to suit their unique needs.   

Poultry Farming

Monitor the growth of your chicken houses to ensure correct temperature & humidity distribution

Meat Processing

Cold chain management is critical in meat processing. Monitor your complete cold chain from a single dashboard


Ensure customers are receiving quality products by monitoring your meats, dairy, ice cream, fruits & vegetables using a single system

Real-time viewing

The latest data can be accesses at anytime using our online portal. An internet connected mobile or desktop devices is all you need


Our alerting system is continuously monitoring, if any of your sensors exceed the pre-set conditions you will be alerted.
The system is also capable of handling changing set-points in poultry farming.

History reports

The data captured by the local device is securely stored on the cloud server, this ensuring historical records of your data and allows for easy viewing and reporting. Charts can be drawn up for custom time ranges and exported as PDF reports.

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